The Rockstars vocal program gives you a voice to be heard.  If you're an experienced singer looking to strengthen your gift and increase your range or a pro in the shower, we will give you the skills to sing confident and amazing.  Learn proper voice technique, warm-up exercises, mic technique, studio, live performance and control.


Our guitar program allows students to learn both electric and acoustic guitar techniques. As a student you will learn theory, not only how to play but how to ROCK your favorite songs whether you like Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, Blues or Country, we have the team to make it happen. Above all that, our program gives you the confidence necessary to help you become the greatest guitar player ever!!!


Learning the piano is fun again!!  Our piano instructors are trained in all styles of music and know what it takes to make learning exciting.  In this program, students will learn how to read music, left and right hand techniques, improvising, theory and performance skills.  No more “Twinkle twinkle little star”…Learn to play songs you actually have on your iPod.

Bass Guitar

Like our guitar program, our bass instructors will teach you to master bass techniques like walking, improvising, right hand fingering, slapping and playing with a pick, communicating with the drummer and most of all holding a song together.  In a world full of guitar players, the demand for great bass players is strong.  We take this program serious so you will get noticed!!!


Plain and simple…drums rock!!!!  And so will you after this explosive drum program.  Students learn rudiments, theory, technique, dynamics and timing all while rockin’ to the beats of your favorite songs.  Learn how to rock the kit like Lars Ulrich, Travis Barker, Neil Peart and Dave Grohl…yeah! He was a drummer first!!!

JamCore Rock Band

Our newest most exciting class puts you in the drivers seat of your very own Rock Band.  Learn how to go from the lesson room to the stage.  Members of this exclusive program will experience what it takes to deliver a songs live on stage.  Learn to Rock your favorite songs with your own band and if you don't have a band, no problem we get you all the members you need to Rock it out!!!  Learn dynamics, song delivery, stage presence, set list flow, song segue's, stage communication, working with other musicians and so much more.  This is the perfect opportunity to connect with other musicians that want to do what you want to do...Rock!!!! 

Recording & Production

Every great song has a great producer behind it and today with records being made from home recording studios, this is your chance to get on the other side of the glass and help guide your own and other people's music into that perfect hit song!  Our recording and Production classes teach you everything you need to know about music production including recording in Logic and Pro Tools, mixing, proper EQ and compression settings, mic'ing instruments, how to use popular plug-in's, recording great vocals, editing and so much more.  This list could go on and on.  These are the same skills that the pro's use everyday on all your favorite songs.  Don't wait, this class could lead you into your first real job in the music business!!!

Tell us about your inner rockstar!

Recording & Artist Development

Producing and creating an unforgettable recording experience takes a collaboration of many different variables. Rockstars of Tomorrow employs a superbly hand crafted team of song writers, producers, engineers and musicians with decades of experience.  We pride ourselves in our immense knowledge of musical styles and genres.  Whether your music choice is Rock, Pop, Alternative, Country, Dance or anything else, we have you covered.  Our personal hands-on approach to each and every project that comes through our door, allows us to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our services include:

  • Album Production - Song-writing, arranging, producing and composing. Recording format includes both Logic and Pro-Tools.

  • Commercial, Radio and Television Jingles/Cues - Custom compositions for music supervisors, ad agencies, marketing firms, etc.

  • Mixing and Mastering Services - Providing hourly and block rates for mixing and mastering by the industries top engineers.

  • Artist Development - Guide, transform, educate, collaborate and or write your next potential Grammy Winning hit song.  

  • Marketing and Design - Help design your complete package. With over 25 years in advertising and marketing we can create, layout and photograph your entire marketing package.

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